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here's the basic plan.
I'm a 3rd year psychology major. plan to master in neuroscience when I graduate.
I also plan to build a neuroscience lab in my basement. I'm currently saving up money for an electron microscope in my basement (Among other things).
I mentioned the catecholamines
sertaonin, dophamine, and norepinephrine
if augmenting those doesn't work
i'm gonna start augmenting. inhibiting peptides (Peptides are other neurotransmitters). opioids are an example of a peptide.
because there isn't alot of RX medication for peptides really available...
I'm probably going to be looking at obtaining and administering a number of research compounds.
this is in conjunction
with trying to get an fmri.

the plan with an fmri scan
(First an EEG, a PET, and an fmri. Based on the results of the PET, I'll know if I'm eligable for an fmri. Fmri isn't clinically done....
What I want essentially
Is my basic activation pattern.

I have a theory
that my condition is either due to depletion, or inhibition
i think, inhibition. (Glutamate mediated gaba inhibition has been ruled out, but it could be overactivation of various other things, including peptides)
and I know neuroscience hasn't gotten so far as to even think about predicting these things....
but i have to try...

I'm going to use my brain activation pattern
to conduct ligand studies
in the lab im building in my basement
I'll essentially know which parts are inhibited (If I can see the activation pattern) and study the synaptic connections leading up to that brain area in question using ligand studies. (If you don't know what ligand studies are in neuroscience, look it up).
assuming effective ligands are available
I'll be able to form predictions of WHICH neurotransmitter is involved in my condition, based on synaptic connections in and around the areas I'll be looking at.
It's according to these studies that I'll look for my medication.

So yeah, I'm obviously a science geek. if anyone is interested in finding a cure scientifically, because waiting it out doesn't work and the doctors seem like shit, you can follow my blog.
I'll keep you guys updated on how the PET scan goes, because it will refine my theories and decide exactly which
So I'll have to be ridiculously stubborn in getting that scan. steps to take for a cure.

In september/october, I am ALSO getting an advanced EEG scan done from this brain program thing
that may/may not tell me some interesting shit.

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Nov 11 2018 06:13 PM

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Nov 28 2018 11:21 PM

Wonderful, Thank you so much towards taking the first steps towards uncovering the biological aspects of this. I and many more are extremely eager to here your results!

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Jan 04 2019 01:31 AM

Following for sure, this blog.

I'm a nerd too.

How do you augment peptides?

How do you get those research compounds? Are they legal?
Also, may be cheaper to do all this stuff abroad if you're in the US.
What other equipment do you need?

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Ernestia Ignis
Jan 04 2019 06:34 PM

Peptides are neurotransmitters other than the main (Gaba, glutamate, dophamine, norephinephrine, seratonin, acetocholine).
Inhibiting and augmenting peptides is done only for research purposes- using compounds that haven't been yet tested for health use.

That means that likely- you would only be able to get these in their pure form- not in the form of capsules- and you would get them in any sort of amount, but you wouldn't know exactly what amount to inject- or get absorbed by the body.

Calculating the amount to inject involves a pharmocological analysis of the drug throughout the body, you would need to know whether it's polar/nonpolar, can it cross the small intestine into the bloodstream, can it cross the blood brain barrier, etc.

Assuming the drug is already in use
One can examine an already done research study on the drug on human participants and see what amount they injected, how they injected it, and what the results were (as an aid, and to minimize work). Very little of these drugs are actually used on human participants.

Less than a handful of peptides can be augmented or inhibited- and unfortunately, doing so has a number of adverse side effects- some of which (like heart rhythm abnormalities (bradycardia or tachycardia) could be fatal.
This is why peptides aren't medically used, and even IF you are an expert... experimenting on yourself using them could be fatal.

I apologized for being so enthusiastic about such a prospect before-
However- I do acknowledge that I cannot try anything, nor recommend anyone to try anything without sufficient knowledge, and im a kindergarterner compared to the conplexity of pharmeceutics and the chemistry behind it, but im not in that field. I may someday get a degree in chemistry, but until then such experimentation is only imagined.

One more thing.
Your DP
Or whatever it is
May likely be caused by something else
As peptides haven't actually been KNOWN to cause much psychological malfunction. We know that opiod activation may/ may not play a significant role in depersonalization, however other peptides and their roles are rather... hazy, and one cant randomly find one and say "this is the culprit".

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Ernestia Ignis
Jan 04 2019 06:48 PM

Do not experiment on yourself.
We're all desperate for cures here
But unless you say you have a pharmokinetics degree
An advanced chemistry degree
Or any such qualification
Which I repeat, I DO NOT. I only did some research.
Ur risking too much.

If you want to know more
I do suggest doing ur own research on the subject cuz ull understand the complexity of it better.
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