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I had also promised that I would get an advanced EEG scan done and tell you the results.
(May have mentioned this in the first post)


So- this fellow on this forum
I should probably mention his name, but I dont remember it off the top of my head
Had a post about getting some sort of "brain map" done for his DP,
(Brain mapping itself is actually a seperate procedure, but whatever)
He found out from the brain map that he had excess levels of mercury in his body that was then affecting his brain. He also happened to have some sort of bacterial infection, which was also effecting his brain.

(If you guys dont already know about the gut/brain connection and bacteria effecting the brain, read up on it)

So I read his post and followed the site that he directed to- he had gotten his scan done from a company called "smart brain solutions"- the scan procedure itself is called a "neurocodex evaluation"- its a bit costly, but for obscure phenomenon like these- I'd say it's worth it. Google these terms and you should find the site on the first or second link. It's currently located in Arizona.
You guessed it-

I followed this guy's route and got the same scan done- it's done by a scientist/researcher/doctor named dr.cripe- rly nice guy.
He connects a bunch of electrodes to your head and maps your brain activity while you do a bunch of tasks- then he measures your scan against hundreds of others done for different conditions.
(There r scans showing depersonalization, deppression, infection, etc).

My scan
Excessive frontal lobe activation.
According to him. My limbic system was overfiring, certain portions were just too overactive to decipher emotion, hence I wasn't feeling anything. My feeling of "no sense of self" which I called, is actually "no sense of introspection"- which comes from that part of the brain not working properly.

It wasn't always like this.
This happened suddenly, and it was triggered/caused by something. Dr. Cripe said somethinf is "causing" it, we're not exactly sure- but he wrote me some tests to help me figure out what.

These include a food allergy test done through blood work, a bacterial gut infection test, candida, etc. There are various diff bacteria that can inhabit the gut and he wants to know if there r any (i doubt there r but gotta get these done anyway).

In addition to that though
For basic shit
To get
A basic bloodwork/ check for/ correct any vitamin deficiencies
-a thyroid test (dont just test TSH- test other things as well to asess thyroid functioning, including free T4 and free T3- if you don't know what im talking about, read a book such as "stop the thyroid madness" by Janie A. Bowthorpe)

-perhaps get a naturopath to do a gut inflammation test

-and adrenal dysfunction. Because we ALL know depersonalization has a history of being connected to being some sort of stress response.
At least, that's what it seems to be.


Previously I had gotten my naturopath to test me for inflammation and came back quite.... positive. I'm not sure why-
But I had gotten the allergy test dr. Cripe had recommended (its a food allergy test done through bloodwork- it tests for the prescence of igG antibodies in response to food. It came back positive for certain foods. IgG antibodies are basically antibodies ur body creates in response to a virus or infection- xept if it's responding to food- well- thats probably not good.
Although the validity of the igG antibody food test is questioned by the scientific community to an extent since it seems to cause no visible adverse physical reactions (you'll know more doing research on the subject)
I'm merely looking for a reason why there seems to be some sort of imflammation in my body and im looking to minimize it in some way.

If theres inflammation in the gut, it could well be effecting the brain, since ur neurotransmitters are, well, produced in the gut. Right now what im basically doing is cutting out the foods outlined by the allergy test out of my diet-
That involves

Egg whites

Etc etc, its a bunch of stuff. I dont exactly know what good this will do- but it can't hurt to try. The theiry is again, minimize th gut inflammatory reaction.

I am also right now getting tested on B12 cuz im paranoid that if there IS in fact, inflammation (as the naturopath's result's show) could it be hindering b12 from being readily absorbed and entering my brain?
(That requires something called an IF antibody test- which im trying to get now).

I'll keep you updated on progress.

I had also mentioned attempts to get a functional MRI, and my attempts at a PET and an EEG scan.
I recieved a PET from pakistan, and an EEG also from Pakistan. Neither of those showed any abnormality. Coming back to Canada, I had a neuroscientist appointnent and got written a SPECT, a scan very similar to a PET, which also came back normal. This left me very confused, however these are not exactly activation patterns being measured, but merely oxygen metabolism of the neurons.

I still haven't suceeded in recieving a functional MRI, and that is rather... difficult. Ive emailed plenty of researchers, with mixed responses, most of whom even if they agree to study you... they will refuse to give you a report of your scan for medical purposes.
I view this as downright unethetical.
A researcher shouldn't be allowed to do research on something especially as vague as depersonalization if they can't give you your reports.

However, it may be possible to find someone who can. Who knows really. Ive stopped looking for an fmri to find conclusions on other things at the current moment.
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