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Hi guys
Okay so
Before I post anything else
I just want to remind ppl this.
We are all different. We dont know what to do about our situations so we look to other blog posts- other ppl's journey's for answers hoping they might have something- but anything they find applies to them. Just because they respond to a medication doesn't mean you will too- and vice versa- assuming you're here dealing with something as obscure as DP. It's different for everyone.

Secondly, I'd like to testify that i am NOT a doctor, nor a person qualified to give any sort of medical advice- one takes my writing and applies it at their own risk- and I suggest you do your own research or contact a professional before doin so.

Moving forward:
I had promised that I would try a dophamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.
Now- that didn't exactly work out as I had hoped.
There are some ppl on here who claim that welbutrin (the only antideppressent on the market right now that inhibits the reuptake of both dophamine and norepinephrine) (increases the neurotransmitter levels at the synapses)
Is the golden drug for DP.
Didn't work for me.

I got my psychiatrist to perscribe it- He dosed me all the way to the highest dose- 450 mg- over the course of 3 months. Now all I got was.... a bit of confusion. I kept getting flashes of past memories that would randomly come up, felt like my perception had been altered- and then felt abnormally suicidal for some time on the dose of 150. Following some increases in dosage, I began excessively daydreaming- i daydreamed constantly- it even began to disturb my sleep- (I do know, from reading some stories, that people, especially some who've had a history of maladaptive daydreaming such as me) have such a reaction to welbutrin, so there wasn't too much surprise.
I lowered the dosage, the daydreaming significantly lessened, and got off the medication.
One should give it at least 3 months to work on the highest dose. My doctor told me it begins working in 8 weeks.

Welbutrin is a drug that affects both dophamine and norepinephrine at the same time- though more so norepinephrine than dophamine- it's a good next option if you've given SSRI's a shot and aren't sure what to do next.
The doing of these 2 drug classes (SSRIS and dophamine/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) should convince your doctor you dont have deppression if you've already tried them.

Another option of increasing dophamine is levadopa in conjunction with carbidopa. I didny try this because welbutrin seemed like enough at the time.
They do this for parkison's disease- and it's rather difficult to get these off of perscription.
L- dopa is sold as supplements in limited quantity capsules that you can buy without perscription- ur welcome to give that a shot and see if it does much (it might, it might not). (Do so at your own risk).
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