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"The blow of the void" movie 2013

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in the D. Simeons and J. Abugel book "Feeling Unreal" one of the best feeling description of Dp/dr and my favourite of all the kinds of different words/methaforas etc for describing dp/dr is "The Blow of the Void", it's the name of a chapter in the book also.
There is a movie called precisely "The blow of the void" a 2013 movie I read the name about here in this forum, someone saw it here.
It was named in topics "movies about Dp/dr" or topics like that.
I want to see this movie but find impossible to get it anywhere in the internet: emule, bittorrent, vimeo, sites where you pay for see movies: NOTHING.
Did someone have that movie maybe and can I geit it for someone here if you have it? Thanks
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Well, I'm sure it must be somewhere on the web. I suggest checking out some lesser-known movie platforms like or even reaching out to independent filmmakers as they might have the movie available. Keep searching, it's worth it! And don't hesitate to reach out to other community members if you need help finding it.
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