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"The blow of the void" movie 2013

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in the D. Simeons and J. Abugel book "Feeling Unreal" one of the best feeling description of Dp/dr and my favourite of all the kinds of different words/methaforas etc for describing dp/dr is "The Blow of the Void", it's the name of a chapter in the book also.
There is a movie called precisely "The blow of the void" a 2013 movie I read the name about here in this forum, someone saw it here.
It was named in topics "movies about Dp/dr" or topics like that.
I want to see this movie but find impossible to get it anywhere in the internet: emule, bittorrent, vimeo, sites where you pay for see movies: NOTHING.
Did someone have that movie maybe and can I geit it for someone here if you have it? Thanks
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Short films are particularly hard to find in a good quality.
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