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The Best Way To Explain My Solipsism-Type Derealization

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Hey everyone.

It's taken me a while, but I think iv'e finally found a somewhat simple (okay, not that simple) way to describe my DR.

It basically feels like I'm the main character in a movie that I'm acting in, and that I memorized the script in my head to a t. But when it actually comes time the shoot the movie, I forget all the lines until a split second before they're said.

Here's a more complicated (?) explanation.

Everytime someone is speaking, I'll automatically focus on their words without meaning to, and then all of a sudden I can literally speak their words the same time as them. Someone told me on my last post that I'm just really good at noticing patterns, but I find that really hard to believe since I can't predict a sentence before it's said, only while it's being said.

It's gotten to the point where the only thing I'll listen to is music that I know because at least then I'll have an excuse for being able to talk along with it.

It's gotten to the point now where I literally have to watch things with subtitles just so I can't hear anything. There are times when I wish I was born deaf so none of this would've happened.

this post is a mess lmao
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Ive had this before too. Its definently like having a de ja vu feeling constantly. Thing you have to remember is verbal communication is very simple with built in patterns and its easy to predict a persons reply. Your brain is also in tune to body language which can subconsciously tell you what the most likely response will be, espessially if its someone you know. It feels like words spill out of you like a script because your on auto pilot. Idk if my comment helps but thats just my two sense. It gets easier tho.
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