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The Best Way To Explain My Solipsism-Type Derealization

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Hey everyone.

It's taken me a while, but I think iv'e finally found a somewhat simple (okay, not that simple) way to describe my DR.

It basically feels like I'm the main character in a movie that I'm acting in, and that I memorized the script in my head to a t. But when it actually comes time the shoot the movie, I forget all the lines until a split second before they're said.

Here's a more complicated (?) explanation.

Everytime someone is speaking, I'll automatically focus on their words without meaning to, and then all of a sudden I can literally speak their words the same time as them. Someone told me on my last post that I'm just really good at noticing patterns, but I find that really hard to believe since I can't predict a sentence before it's said, only while it's being said.

It's gotten to the point where the only thing I'll listen to is music that I know because at least then I'll have an excuse for being able to talk along with it.

It's gotten to the point now where I literally have to watch things with subtitles just so I can't hear anything. There are times when I wish I was born deaf so none of this would've happened.

this post is a mess lmao
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Is this kind of a de ja vu thing? Because I would always get that. I still get it sometimes actually, I never used to get it before DP. Like for instance, I was watching Better Call Saul last week and there was a scene where I just felt like I had seen before in the distant past. But I know that's impossible, it was a brand new episode. IDK. It's really strange.
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