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Searching the internet relentlessly looking for those magic words that will snap you out of your dp? They exist, but you won't find them on the internet. Those words, that mantra that you repeat to yourself exists only within you. And it's not one single phrase, rather it's an internal conversation that you have with yourself.

You keep wondering why you have dp, why won't it go away, why do I have to live through this hell. Yes, it's hell. I will always stand by my feelings of dp being the worst experience of my life. It was my own personal hell and I sincerely couldn't imagine anything worse. I had thoughts of suicide regularly, I had trouble imagining my future, I genuinely was not digging life at all. Every second was a struggle. But here I am, inching my way out one milestone at a time. And the hardest part was changing my inner monolog.

We often tell ourselves that we must think of dp every second of every day. Even if you don't think so, your subconscious mind will do it for you. That little voice deep in your cranium reminds you that you have dp, so stop enjoying life and think about me. When you decide you're ready to recover, your job is to change what that voice is telling you.

How do you do that? It gets easier with time and practice. What I do is think about things that inspire me, or things that make me feel positive and happy. I think about my favorite tv show (Doctor Who) and how that character lives their life (10th doctor to be exact
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) and how much I admire their mindset. That might sound silly to you, but that's my personal coping mechanism and you are free to find your own less fanatical inspiration.

In case you haven't heard, dp is a mind game. Anyone that has recovered will tell you this, because well, it's true. And for people like us, that scares us because on one hand yes, we can heal ourselves, but on the other hand, I can make myself miserable for the rest of my life. I think that's why it's so hard to let it go.

So let's talk mantras. What inspires you? Music, poetry, art? Or maybe all of the above like myself. Poetry has been rooted deep into my soul since I was a child, so my mantra is from a poem.

"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should"

In my own term, a mantra is a word or phrase that you use to remember to stay grounded. It's a calming mechanism, and it works. You can make up your own too!

Just remember that its a mind game. There are no words or pills that can fix you, only You can fix You.

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May 04 2015 08:21 PM

Well Said, I am recoverying from dp and today I just realized that I can see so much better(my vision has improved). The worse part is over, and now I just have to work on the little dissociation that is left. I am almost there and it only came through hard work which included:

1. Leaving dp and dr alone

2. Stop complaining about it every day ( this was the hard but produced the best results)

3. Attack the reason why I developed dp in the first place (still working on it)

4. Being ok with the elephant in the room (that is dp)

5. Relaxing or trying to ( lets face it relaxing with dp is super hard but possible.

6. Getting out and doing things with people.

Just like depression which makes you not want to do anything, dp does the same and the way to overcome it to do things that dp does not want you to do.

To each his own, these are just the things that worked for me. Maybe it can work for some of you. If not I hope that you guys will find something that will work for you!
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