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The anatomy of my previous breakdown

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Ben mentioned the stages of DR and I thought I might illustrate the stages of my previous breakdown.

1. Summer of 2004. Big ordeal in the family involving inheritance money. Simultaneously, The opprotunity to take a job in L.A. adds to my anxiety since I live in NJ and am very attached to home. I decided to give the job a shot.

2. On the plane, the obsessive thoughts start. I havent had them that strong since my breakdown in 2000.

3. Freaked out in LA on the second day and took the earliest flight back to NJ. I was in such terror that I was actually going to live and work in LA which is so far from home that I just bugged out from the fear and panic and left everything.

4. September. Got a job in NJ. The really bad depression kicked in. Felt extrememly sad and a little suicidal. Bizarre thoughts ran amuck.

5. December. The depression reached its lowest points.

6. January to April. My first introduction to very very bad DR. The very bad OCD kicked in as well. In my breakdown previous to this one, I never experienced the DR. I had the very bad depression and OCD but not DR. This was the new element in this breakdown.

7. Mid April to now. HUGE improvements. about %75-80 back to normal.
Zoloft helped me out tremendously.

So basically my breakdown has stages.

A. depression

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