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The aftermath

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So I started suffering with DP/DR about a year ago and I think it was because of constant overthinking (because of my OCD) and that was causing me to get anxious which in result caused me to feel numb. Anyway, I suffered for around a year and now I think I'm over the worst part but I still feel kind of... flat? I do get happy and sad but I don't feel it very deeply. Most of the time I'm just... here.

Whenever I think about DP/DR I just feel like although I don't get the panic that comes with it anymore, I still have it and I don't know what to do. I still feel like the world could be fake and I know I will never find an answer to that and I feel like I won't ever truly be satisfied with my life now. I've just let it happen and tried to just let it pass, like everyone says to, but I feel like this is my final stop and that this is how my life will be forever now. Like I will never recover from DP/DR. I'm dissatisfied with my outlook on the world now because what's the point? What's the point of creating meaningful relationships and seeking out new experiences if none of it is real? I have these thoughts occasionally and also did before when DP/DR was bad, but the difference is that before it would send me into and anxious state and now I'm just defeated by these thoughts and worn down and desensitised by them.

Any advice on how to move forward and live my life and trust that I AM here and that I am REAL?

Thank you!
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