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THC induced Depersonalization/Derealization

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I am 39. It's been 11 days since my THC-caused derealization started. I feel A LOT better now. DON'T WORRY guys it gets better with time. RELAX and know that. I know what you're feeling right now. You think you're going nuts you're paranoid about people and yourself, but CHILL. Start smiling now because this goes away! It may take you longer than me or shorter but so what, just be happy you'll be you again. Some days are better than others but stick with it. I will describe a multidimensional approach to beating this that worked for me. This is social and chemical.

#1 Do activities with TRUSTED and POSITIVE loved ones, whether your family or closest friends. I know you do not want to. I know you just want to stay in your room or apartment by yourself, but FORCE yourself to be around them and FORCE yourself to go out. Do something strenuous like hiking. When you do this, talk and engage and discuss what you like and what's interesting to you. You will notice that at times you're you again and you forget you have your problem. It comes back and then goes away and back and goes away. It's a normal cycle but with time, perhaps it will take another week or more, but in time it goes away completely. You must at first force yourself to to things. If you have no trusted positive friends, then simply go by yourself to a hike or gym or jog. Listen to something hilarious while you jog or something interesting.

#2 Here's what is going on with me neurologically: Serotonin and dopamine are POWERFUL mood chemicals in the brain that relate to anxiety, paranoia, happiness, etc. For those of us with THC sensitivity, serotonin and dopamine are thrown out of whack. When this happens, my anxiety shoots through the roof which relates to my obsessive thinking (over-thinking) about who I am, which causes extreme stress and paranoia. It's simple: I simply needed to calm down that obsessive thinking (over-thinking) so that the anxiety and paranoia didn't start, so that I could feel like me again. I did this by modifying my serotonin and dopamine and it's EASY and SAFE to do. I noticed the calmness almost IMMEDIATELY. Here's how I did it: Go to any health food store and buy 5 HTP. It's a supplement sold over the counter and 100% safe. You can even buy it at Walmart. I paid like $9 for it. 5 HTP is a precursor to serotonin and when you take it it helps create more serotonin in the brain. I feel the effects within minutes. I was like, "ahhhh, this is great!" What happens is that 5 HTP calms me and so the over-thinking about the paranoia just stops. Your brain doesn't allow you to obsess and be afraid of what you THINK is happening to you. Your brain just doesn't allow that scary feeling to happen. So with 5 HTP I ALMOST felt 100% back to normal. But professionals recommend taking 5 HTP with L-tyrosine, which can be found at any health food store. I paid about $10 for it. It's safe and over the counter. L-tyrosine generates dopamine. I took it and wow. I thought 5 HTP helped but with L-tyrosine I felt so great and am back to 100% normal. 5 HTP helps calm me and L-tyrosine provides that happy motivation back. So this kicked my neruochemistry back where it should be and I'm me again.

And of course NEVER smoke weed... ever. You, like me, have a sensitivity to THC that other people do not, so THC must be avoided. Also, until you're better, you must avoid all caffeine.

I did the social aspect first (hiking and talking with a friend), before I knew about 5 HTP an L-tyrosine. That alone helped tremendously but once I started 5 HTP an L-tyrosine the problem was totally cured. So I recommend both approaches. After a while you won't have to take those supplements any more because your brain chemistry will be normal on its own.

One good thing about this experience is that it makes you really appreciate life. You learn to better appreciate those who love you. You learn to better appreciate life, the small things and big. You don't take for granted this life any more. Your traumatic experience is a gift in a way. It is a hard lesson to learn but you needed this lesson. So, when you're all better you need to apply the gratitude that you feel and be a positive force on your friends and family and the world. Now get out there and do something and be happy because you will be you again.
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