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Hi everyone,

My husband is a therapst, hynotherapist, NLP and few other things. the most effective form of tharapy which he has come across is TFT. Thought field therapy)

It hard to explain what it is but i will try.

Its basically tapping on various places on your face and body whilst thinking about a problem, and the body's reaction to the problem gets reduced with each round of tapping. There are different combinations of points to tap depending on the kind of problem it is, eg fear, panic, grief etc. After doing each round you rate the problem on a scale of one to ten until it gets to zero. It really works, there are so side effects and certain problems will never bother you again. It changes the way you feel about something.

I have tried it many times and it does work. e.g. I was so scared to call a friend for weeks, did a couple of rounds of tapping and then went straight to the phone and called her like normal. Isn't that mad?

My husband has treated many people for their problems (not DP related) and has a high success rate. I have tried tapping on the fact that I have DP but it didnt work, I need to get to the root.

Having said that I did some work with a guy on the phone who uses a machine to detect vibrations in your voice to determain which points to tap and that night I was in a supermarket and my reality tried to come back 3 times. I coul feel it trying to break through but there was something blocking it. It was amazing for that moment though, my vision went clear and felt normal feelings in my body. Isn't that mad?

There was a time about a year and a half ago when I did a lot of tapping one day and the next day I had a glimps of reality.

The fact is if you have DP from underlying stress which your body is protecting you from with DP, then if you wipe out the stress, then you will not need to have DP. Thats only if it is stress related though.

You can tap on all sorts of things, just keep tapping until it doesn't bother you. You can either do the work alone or see a TFT therapist., I think someone telling you what to do is easier.

If you search on the net you can get info about it.

I know you might ask if it works then why aren't I using it all the time, well it 'cause I am lazy!

Hope it helps

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