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Terrified of feeling normal

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I started to feel my self acting a tiny bit more normal tonight, and frankly that terrifies me.

Maybe its the buspar Finley starting to work, or maybe its bi-polar disorder.

I feel normal and then freak out that that's wrong and its part of some mental illness i must have. Then i think if i start to get better what happens it this is all fake and I'm really just so much worse now.

Has anyone else ever had feelings like this?
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Hi Becka,
Lots of people I've known with bipolar with psychosis and schizophrenia go off their meds. So common this is. And when they'd say why, it was the same reasons you gave, plus they would say th meds made them feel "dead" kind of. Especially the one's with bipolar who experienced themselves as feeling really good, really capable, super duper energy during the highs. Without exception though I have to say all my friends who went off their meds would keep ending up in the hospital b/cuz of some form of the psychosis would put them in danger---forgetting to eat, dyas with no sleep, or their parents or somebody would be able to tell they weren't "making sense" and well..anyway they kept going back to hospital to be stabilized on meds again. I grew up with Mom saying the things she heard and saw were there and it was scary as a kids point of view...and, she was one of the most creative, imaginative, beautiful souls who ever walked the earth, so..I wish she wouldn't have suffered the way she did though. Wishing you good things and hope you find some connection on this board.
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