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Terrified of feeling normal

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I started to feel my self acting a tiny bit more normal tonight, and frankly that terrifies me.

Maybe its the buspar Finley starting to work, or maybe its bi-polar disorder.

I feel normal and then freak out that that's wrong and its part of some mental illness i must have. Then i think if i start to get better what happens it this is all fake and I'm really just so much worse now.

Has anyone else ever had feelings like this?
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Oh, sorry, got lost researching klonopin and the benefits of using both Prozac and Wellbutrin.

You may not like my response: Do something that requires you to concentrate on what you are doing at the moment.

I only say that because if you are *doing* something you have to concentrate on, you cannot at the same time freak out with those thoughts you described. If your mind is not actively occupied with actually *doing* something, that is, if you are, let's say, passively watching television, you cannot prevent your mind from wandering over to those thoughts. I don't think the thoughts are all that worrisome, but you are worried and/or bothered by them. So, there's only one solution: do not give your mind the space in which to wander over to them.

I think that what's happening may be that you feel "better" but not totally normal. If you did feel totally normal, you would not have the fear that you are not normal. So, I'm not sure what if any medicine you're taking, but I don't think your worry is worrisome, particularly. If you cannot *do* anything, however, and you are NOT on any medicine, I would go to your doctor and ask for help.
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Of course I momentarily forgot you were starting buspar again. Sorry. Maybe you need a bit more time for it to kick in, too.
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