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Teen with DP

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Hey! I'm a 16 year old girl who has suffered from dr for 2 months and dp for around a week. It started as the world feeling 'fake' and would come and go. At that time I was completely connected to myself and family.It randomly came on in class but I had it for a couple of days before then. I had strange violent urges (which I never acted on) and it scared me. I had a break for a couple of days which was AMAZING! came back so much worse. I had what I think is 'visual snow', which was severe for around 3 days. Still, I was fine in myself and others. Then I went back to school and I became disconnected from my friends and teachers. They didn't seem 'themselves' and I was starting to get confused by my actions. Around a week ago, I woke up and I found it incredibly hard to recognise my OWN PARENTS even though I knew who they are. I started getting existential thoughts and I started shaking really bad. Then the numbness came on. I had it once before but not as bad. It felt as if my entire body had disappeared! Even worse, I was confused by humans themselves! Had I gone mad?...No. The doctor says I'm fine and it's normal. Still, I came home that day and got the weirdest of thoughts like- 'why do humans see out of their eyes?' And 'I bet I created the world up'. Deep down, I knew those thoughts were ridiculous, but I was terrified of them. I can't watch TV for long anymore because the people look weird. My favourite characters meant nothing to me. I also got creepy intrusive thoughts about random things. I would get up, have a panic attack, and then I'd be ok until later on in the day. I kept repeating my name and memories because I was scared of forgetting everything. However, I know that's not true. I know it can't hurt me physically, but the mental torture is there. I'm pretty calm now but it's still there constantly. Hope I'll recover soon :) any tips for concentrating? (I sometimes stare at a wall)
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