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Hi All~
I went to see Tarnation. The closest theatre to me was an hour away and
my sisters were nice enough to drive me there.

They kept asking this movie about DP? Will I be able to understand what you are going through by watching this movie?

I really had no answers for them, but while we were all watching, they laughed, they cried, I felt nothing, with my DP I seem to have severe lack of emotion.

My story is alot like Johnathan's, my mother seems to suffer from the same thing but she is untreated.

I was so glad that Johnathan decided to share his story with the world. He did a wonderful job putting this movie together. He attributes his DP to smoking 2 laced joints. The movie mostly revolves around how he grew up and how he is living now. He brought his mother to live with him.

See it if you can.
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