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In psychology I decided to do an optional assignment. I would pick any person or disorder that related to psychology. I decided to pick dp/dr. It was scary. My anxiety was high because I was scared I would break down and cry. I decided to do the presentation though. My teacher said wow, having that disorder must be pretty scary. (Specifically referring to the fact everything seems foreign and strange). Of course he nor my class knew I actually have this disorder. I was temped to tell the class. The biggest reason why is so I would be able to feel connected to someone. Have sympathy. So, yea, this disorder is extremely scary but to anyone who has this. I admire you! You have so much strength. We all do!

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Oct 01 2011 10:38 PM

I admire you! That's really awesome what you did!!! I've also taken a step, probably a smaller one where I was accepted to write a blog for Queens college at, mine is called stranger in the mirror. But I can't imagine talking about it in front of a whole class. Whew!!
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