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Forever it burns

Will I ever return
To that beautiful scene

The scene where we once said those words, so serene

And now I'm unseen

And it hurts, "oh the pain",

As she cries, her blood drains

From her wrists that she slits every night, every day

And she prays, silent begging for a sign

But denied, once again all alone now, she sighs

*Take me back, take me back

This taunting is endless

Take me back, take me back

It's useless, pathetic

Take me back, fucking take…*

Take, take, take

Generosity is addictive

Give, give, give

Oh, what I'd give to relive

Please forgive, this is driving me mad

What I had, was truly a nightmare

But its rare, to find something so exquisite

I admit, I fell hopelessly

Dreadfully, this may be my destiny
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