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I'm not sure if this is happening because I forgot to take my cholin and inosotil for 6 days or if it's the cause of the flu being gone. But I've come to realise I always feel worse after the flu when it comes to the depersonalisation or derealization problem. It's like when I have the flu I'm so focused on feeling like shit and I am feeling heavy. It almost actually a relief when it comes to the DP problem. Now after the flu I just feel oddly LIGHT kind of. Do or does anyone know what I am talking about?

I also feel like kind of off balance or unbalanced when walking around but that could be because I've been in bed for almost 6 days straight with minimal movement except toilet, showers or making the little food I could take.

Anyway, anyone else feels this way? I've also checked my head at a doctor with both CT scans and MRI scans and other body checks all good just a ton of anxiety sometimes. It's like I feel my hands are sometimes too light or not mine or that my head is like everything around me and it gets too much to handle. I had none of that while sick and it just amplified enourmesly now after being sick and recovering now without the flu or fever.

Also sorry and excuse my English. I'm not English and it's my second language so again excuse my bad grammar haha.

God bless and have fun as much as you can. Thanks for listening guys :)
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