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Symptom help and possible cause.

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Hello everyone,

so after 4 years of feeling better or at least what I think is better, I am back to DP again I believe. But this time I need some advice. So this recent bought started back in July, it was right after COVID and I started having this really really weird feeling in the back of my forehead, almost like a tickling sensation kind of? Idk how else to describe it lol anyway it was pretty debilitating and I couldn’t stop thinking about it at all and my doctors just kept telling me it was my sinuses so I took Antibiotics, didn’t work, they put me on a steroid, didn’t work. Now the weird feeling in my head is gone but I am left with Dp/Dr again. My worst symptoms right now are not being able to visualize or get excited about the future and have anxiety with just the thought of the future. I also get very weird feelings of the past, like Randomly I’ll just get memories and feelings of the past, but not bad memories. My sense of smell also seems like it has changed. For context I just moved back into my parents house when it all started again. Has anyone had that strange feeling before? Could this new bout with it be COVID related? I think it may have been building for the last couple months because I started having panic attacks again in my sleep and then sleep paralysis really bad. Any help is appreciated! 😁
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