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I was doing some reading the other night about schizophrenia, and I came across a couple studies done on supplements which were supposedly good for schizophrenia. It occurred to me that beside the fact that most people on here worry that they're going schizo (which they arent- they wouldnt think to be asking that if they were), that if a supplement strategy was good for psychosis, it might make a dent in DP.

The article first of all recommended taking Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids on a daily basis. I guess that it improves schizophrenia over time. And you dont have to take massive doses - the middle of the road approach works. One 1000mg capsule of flaxseed oil a day seems to help.

Antioxidants have also been shown to improve schizophrenia over time.

Lastly, the most interesting approach ( and these statements were made by the national association for schizophrenics) was eating a gluten free diet. It seems that in come odd cases, this can actually halt the disease's progress, although in most it gives some symptom relief. No one has any idea why. The more I read about wheats, sugars, and dairies, the less I like them...

Okay. If anyone wants any DP specific tips, head down to the posts under southern california doc. Hope these help...

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