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Sunlight, light sensitivity, last hurdle... advice and help needed.

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Almost there, light sensitivity from sunli...

Like ThisAhungerf26 Apr 2018

Hey guys, little over a year since weed induced dp/DR.I feel really close to recovery and need some advice on what I guess falls under light sensitivity. I would like to hear from those who have recovered and experienced sensitivity to sunlight, moonlight, or an overall disconected/not right sensation produced from the sky in general.

There are times of day or night when the lighting produced from the sky doesnt seem to bother me... Afternoon sunlight or a standard dark night sky seems not to bother me. But early morning bright sunlight, a well lit night sky from a large or full moon, oddly colored sunsets, can all produce an odd backdrop that I just can't escape a feeling of being disconnected from and produces that fake dreamlike state. This sucks because it feels as if I can't escape this sensation because it happens with day or night skies.

As of latley it seems that every night is a full moon and I can't see how I never noticed or how I responded differently to this before...

Everything of course visually looks totally normal but for some reason the way I experience a bright moonlit night sky or the bright Sun coming through my Windows in the morning gives me a disconnected feeling. It seems like my brain is always activly scanning or searching for this. It's like my amygdala is trying to pick up on any changes of light. More examples would be noticing when I enter a brighter room from a darker room. Or a room with a large skylight letting in lots of sun.. Or looking out a window at night into a well lit night sky...

I also experience the fluorescent light issue in stores as well.

Is this just par for the course with DR and is it anxiety producing my eyes to be on hyper sensitive fight or flight protective mode?

Anyone that has shared this sensation and recovered please provide any advice you can. I feel this last hurdle always being there keeps me in the "I'm trapped in this" mentality...

What I would like to know.

-Did you just ignore it?
-Did you just lose your fear of this sensation?
-Do I somehow have to face the fear of this symptom more?
-How did this symptom go away for you?
-Did you notice it getting better or did you just have to forget about it then one day it was gone?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!

Also I'm considering this could be Lyme disease even though it was weed induced. Some dude said trauma from the bad panic could trigger underlying Lyme. I've had a crazy rash on my neck that's came and gone all year and I did get flu like symptoms right after my weed induced panic attack. Plus I sleep with my dogs and dog ticks do also cause lyme.

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