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Sunlight causing derealization! Has ANYONE recovered from this?

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Looking for help from anyone fully recovered or at least recovered from this symptom. Sunlight causes a dreamlike sensation and the bright sky just seems like a fake backdrop. I can't stop noticing it and it fuels the whole anxiety cycle.

How did you recover from this?
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Yea but Eddy it's really not about loving or hating rain. I can relate to ahungerf since it's my main symptom too. It's just that a clear blue sky doesn't feel right. It can also happen at night with some light.

Here are some example that I find triggering for my DR:

Yea heightened vision could be a nice explanation. I no longer have anxiety but somehow it's still here. However while I was on a combo of Antipsychotic and SSRI I felt almost cured and stopped them . it returned a few months later so this time I went back only on SSRI but it didn't help really. So maybe reading the antipsychotic could be interesting
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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