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Sunlight causing derealization! Has ANYONE recovered from this?

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Looking for help from anyone fully recovered or at least recovered from this symptom. Sunlight causes a dreamlike sensation and the bright sky just seems like a fake backdrop. I can't stop noticing it and it fuels the whole anxiety cycle.

How did you recover from this?
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When I had derealization bad in 2015 when it was daylight (especially bright sunny days) it made everything look dream like and the only time I felt a lot normal was at night time. My thoery is that with Depersonalization and Derealization the mind is very tired (through constant stress and anxiety) so the mind is having a hard time computing everything in daylight hence the reason everything looks dream like and unreal whereas at night there isn’t much for the eyes and brain to work on. However, now I’m kind of finding night time an uncomfortable experience with my anxiety and panic disorder.
Artmuzz thank you for your comment. So this symptom eventually did go away as you just paid less attention to it? Eventually you looked outside or at the sky and u felt connected again? Did u notice it reducing or did you have to forget about it for it to go away?
And Eddy thank you as well and I'd like to ask you the exact same question. Thanks guys!!!
Yeah, the symptom did eventually go away but since I've been suffering a lot of stress lately my anxiety and derealization symptoms are coming back but the best way to combat it is to distract yourself, deep breathing and grounding techniques are good and a good diet and exercise. It's easier said than done but through experience and time this can get better as long as you avoid stressful situations which will cause anxiety, panic attacks and DPDR.
If it’s any help for you Ahungerf, I remember watching a video about a guy who suffers DPDR and he was saying that wearing sunglasses reduced his derealization. I tried that myself but didn’t notice any difference. I think at the end of the day it’s reducing stress which is hard in this day and age and having a positive frame of mind which will sort this out for you. Also time is a great healer.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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