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Joe - for someone who's been pumped full of benzo's and all sorts of other powerful shit, I doubt if normal levels sugar are going to cause the symptoms you describe, unless, as mentioned above, you are hyperglycemic.

I know the temptation is always to leap to psychiatry, but I think you could be right when you mention possible psychosomatic anticipatory anxiety. I gave up Coffee for a while because I had read that it makes anxious people worse, which of course might be the case, but I then realised that I'd been drinking Red Bull (about 16 cups of coffee in a can!) for months without any exacerbation in anxiety, and I've gone back to drinking coffee without any problems at all. Tis all in the mind, a wise man once said. That's why I'm loathe to indulge miraculous vitmain or dietry 'cures''s usually just a minor part of the story. A healthy diet is of course important for healthy mental health...disclaimer etc.
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