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I am a self diagnosed GAD. I have days like today where I wake up and just feel totally freaked out! FOR NO REASON! My stomach is in knots! I feel totally scared! WHY!? My mind starts racing, what if someone kills me in my house and my kids have noone to care for them for days till someone realizes whats up!? (I know freaky thing to just think but it goes through my head!) Or what if I cant work tomorrow or the day after!? Or what if I turn into my mom and drive my kids away!? What if I am crazy now and noone knows it!? What if there is nothing I can do and one day I will just loose it!? What if me and their father never get back together!? What if I end up alone forever!? What if I meet someone and then we get married and they turn out to be a psycho!? What if me and their father get back together but it never actually works!? What if I can never stop worrying!? What if I feel this freaked out forever!? WHAT IF!? WHAT IF!? it goes on and on! These are the times when I do self moniter (though that is becomming less and less) and these are the time, usually when my DR does set it!
I dont even know why I start the waht if's!? I dont know why I cant stop them!? I have gotten very good and going ok, stop and moving on... but 10, 15, 20min latter it comes back! I hate it!
Is GAD this way for everyone? How does it affect you?

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Yep..It can affect you like that.... Sounds to me you might even have a little OCD involved also. You don't have to be a hand washer or repeat things over and over, in fact you don't have to have a ritual at all to be a pure obsessive person.

Think of the What if Thoughts that you can't control as Noise or static on a radio dial, its there, but if you get busy doing other things you don't notice the noise as much.

I live by the airport , but because I am acustomed to airplanes taking off I rarely hear it. People that visit me ..the airport noise is the first thing they notice. It takes time, but you don't have to pay attention to the What if's.... Most the things you What if about are not likely to happen anyway and we get ourselves all upset for no reason.

I had a CT Scan the other day... I had to read and sign the paper that tells you this soution in very rare cases can stop someones heart... They don't tell you it would be because your 98 years old and you take 1000 meds that interact with the contrast... So the what if 's start... What if this Kills me right now.... What if I can't tolerate it ... so on and on working myself up for nothing, because in fact it was over before I knew it. It is never as bad as our imaginations make us think. So visualize it as noise and even though the noise is there you can with practice tune it out.

good luck

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i believe i have some kind of anxiety disorder, either GAD or post traumatic stress disorder. Last november i ate a weed brownie had a WICKED BAD experience with it, and ever since I haven't been the same mentally. I use to have really bad DP/DR but it has gona away for the most part. Then all of a sudden since last month I am dealing with some kind of anxiety.

Im a senior in high school and its such a struggle just to get through my day. I feel like im going to lose control and in school I am constantly fighting with my mind not to go back to the feeling of unreality or that I am not "here". I am so scared of having another long "episode" even though i haven't had one in a couple of weeks.. they can last for 3+ short term memory gets wicked bad and I feel like I am not real, my hands get sweaty and numb, and my sense of feeling (physically) is altered. Sometimes it has happens out of no where and I don't understand why it happens for hours at a time or why it happens out of nowhere. Sleeping helps a lot but sometimes its hard to fall asleep during an episode. I don't want to be scared anymore, I want to enjoy life.

can someone please help me figure out what this is? I can tell it is fear of somthing but how do I let it go? please anything would help me.

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arczi said:
There is some corporape sponsoner reaserrch on GAD, going on on the east coast,check it out
Ya, ya I see some commercials for it over here on the west coast too.

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Hope that works. I've been recommending the wrong book!! There's also a book called Power Over Panic written by someone else. That is not the one I read. I read From Panic to Power by Lucinda Bassett.

She talks about thought-stopping, what-if thinking, and thought-replacement among other things. It is very helpful. Not so much with DP... but a lot of things that go with it. Such as GAD and panic attacks.

I've had GAD since forever... this is a great book for dealing with it.

RedCaineForNova... I think there's a link to her website on there too, but I don't know how helpful that is.

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Then there's _Hope and Help for Your Nerves_ (it's at

Basically, don't fight the feelings, let them wash over you; if you don't fight them, you stop the vicious circle. Once you begin resisting them, you have set up a circuit that goes on and on and on and on.

But to not fight them, you have to come to believe that the feelings themselves (a) will not hurt you, and (b) will, in fact, depart from you if you ignore them.

It works, but of course takes practice.

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squish is me said:
I am a self diagnosed GAD.
Dear Squish,
The comment of being self-diagnosed always troubles me. It does sound as if you probably have GAD though I don't know you at all. The thing is there ARE options for treating this. I have chronic underlying GAD. Have basically had it my whole life, down to the sore aching muscles. I had them as a child.

Section 15. Psychiatric Disorders
Chapter 187. Anxiety Disorders

- Panic Attacks And Panic Disorder
- Phobic Disorders
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
- Acute Stress Disorder
- Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- Anxiety Due To A Physical Disorder Or A Substance

Dreamer's comments:
My guess is that many of of here on the Board have Panic, GAD,
Anxiety due to a Substance. Our DP/DR are extreme symptoms of the
fight/flight response that seems to have gone awry in these anxiety

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is NOT obsessive thinking.
Two completely different things. And regardless of what many will
argue with me about, these categories are rather specific. There
can be overlap of symptoms, but these are different DISORDERs which
need to be dealt with differently.

And we can't pidgeonhole. We are each unique and we can have more
than one disorder. My illness has evolved over 46 years.

Merck Manual
Also see the DSM-IV

GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER (I had this much worse up until my
40s, though I still have these qualities though far from this
"Excessive, almost daily, anxiety and worry for >= 6 mo about a
number of activities or events.

Generalized anxiety disorder is common, affecting 3 to 5% of the
population within a 1-yr period. Women are twice as likely to be
affected as men. The disorder often begins in childhood or
adolescence but may begin at any age.

Symptoms and Signs
The anxiety and worry are so great that they are difficult to
control. The severity, frequency, or duration of the worry greatly
exceeds what the situation, if it should occur, warrants.

The focus of the worry is not restricted as it is in other psychiatric
disorders (eg, to having a panic attack, being embarrassed in
public, or being contaminated).

Common worries include work
responsibilities, money, health, safety, car repairs, and chores.

A person with this disorder must also experience three or more
of the following symptoms: restlessness, unusual fatigability,
difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and
disturbed sleep.
The course is usually fluctuating and chronic,
with worsening during stress."

Dreamer's Comments:
What I have found most successful in dealing with GAD is
medication (klonopin, Celexa, Lamictal for mood problems), some psychotherapy to give me perspective, and CBT to
give me coping skills. This is all hard work.

The main thing is to be aware of the distinctions of these
illnesses and different ways of dealing with them.

Regardless of how many clueless MHPs there are out there,
getting a proper diagnosis is probably the most important thing one
can do. Then one can treat the illness appropriately... or at least you have a fighting chance. This is
key in ALL medical illnesses.

As E.Fuller Torrey, M.D. (famous, respected expert in schizophrenia) always says ...
"Spend all of your money on the right diagnosis."

IMHO, that's the only way you're going to get the proper treatment plan/options, etc. And you need to shop around.

D 8)

Also, EDIT: You will note one of the symptoms of GAD is worry about health. That is a SYMPTOM of GAD, not a SYMPTOM of DP/DR. DP/DR are SYMPTOMS of GAD for example.... extreme symptoms of an anxiety disorder. It's all a mish mash, as I understand it, and it still isn't understood well by the medical/research community.

I may be full of it, but this is my understanding.......

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PS, everyone here has a lot of good suggestions/comments. I'm just stressing that self-diagnosis ... well I don't think it's a great idea. It leaves room open for a lot more concern. You have more control if you understand what's happening to you.

I think the books recommended are helpful as well.

You aren't going "crazy". Sorry I hate that word too. Blanket statement, not directed at anyone in particular. 8)

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You aren't going "crazy". Sorry I hate that word too. Blanket statement, not directed at anyone in particular.
You're talking about me, aren't ya? Aren't ya? :p

Thanks for making the distinction between OCD and obsessive thinking. I think a long time ago my shrink put the obsessive thinking under the umbrella of OCD.

I'm glad you're always checking these things out. Thanks Dreamer.
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