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suddenly stopiing meds

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is it bad to just stop medication? I went from taking 100 mg of zoloft to taking nothing at all. my mind feel so screwed up and i feel so depressed. now i am waiting for an appointment with a psychologist to get another prescription for another medication. this will probably be about two weeks because i have to wait for my mom to do it. but everyday it seems like i get worse and there any hope for getting a normal, clear mind again??? and does it have anything to do with suddenly stopping my meds??
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I went off Zoloft the other day after several bad weeks of increasing the dosage under my psychiatrist's direction and suffering worse and worse depression and anxiety. Went down from 150 to 50 in three days and then to nothing, and I have never felt better in my entire life. Had been on Zoloft successfully at 50 mg for 12 years and started having panic attacks and depression bigtime May 21, 2005. No drugs of any kind for 2 days now and I feel wonderful. Makes no sense, but I report it anyway for what it's worth.
FWIW -- 3 weeks tomorrow --> no drugs, no anxiety, no depression, but Christ is calling me and to most of you, that's evidence that I am out of my mind, I realize. :lol:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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