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Success story-it does get better!

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I've had anxiety for almost 10 years now and with this comes depersonalisation and derealisation hand in hand with the panic attacks.

However, recently I hit the real rock bottom, to the point where I was genuinely not inside my own body, was so detached from my surrounding that I felt like I was forgetting where I was, and had such severe anxiety from it that I couldn't get out of bed and was crying almost constantly.

It was at the point where I was thinking to myself, if this doesn't get better I'll have no choice but to kill myself, because I can't go on like this.

But at perhaps my worst, I remember sitting in the car and completely resigning myself to the fact that this was my life now, and I was never going to feel normal again. I resolved to literally give up on trying to enjoy my life, because now I was simply along for the ride and dpdr had taken over absolutely everything.

But then that day something changed. I don't know what it was, I don't know how, but something just lifted, like I felt the fog clear up around me. It's often said that the trick to overcoming dpdr is to not think about it, and I think I discovered the real difference between not thinking about it and truly being unafraid, unconcerned and uninterested in whether I was depersonalised or not. I no longer felt the need to 'check' if I was inside my body or whether it felt real or not, and somehow that day was the turning point, and everything started to get better.

I'm not saying my anxiety is completely gone or that I'm 100% better, but the reason I'm writing this is to show people who are in the exact same position I was in a month ago (truly rock bottom, I can't imagine feeling worse than what I did) when I logged onto this forum that IT DOESN'T LAST FOREVER. You can and you will get your life back.

I'm enjoying my life, I'm happy, I feel healthy and I'm so so glad that I didn't give up on myself, and I hope anyone struggling is able to see that somehow down the track the fog will lift- it is possible, even if it seems that it isn't.
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