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Well...I just started my first class for my Masters degree this past weekend. I am going to a school here (Central Michigan) that has a branch campus on the Air Force Base here in my town. Well the classes are every 2-3 weeks on Friday evenings and Saturdays all day. So six classes gets ya done with a whole class.
Well, I haven't been in school since I graduated in June 2002, so I am getting adjusted again.
Well we have our mid-term in three weeks and it's over the first 5 chapters of the book. I've overheard people saying and also heard directly from people who have had my professor that you have to know the book inside-out for his tests. Well, I've never been a very good memorizing and have trouble getting things to soak in and remembering things.
So any advice? Comin from others with DP/Anxiety/Depression and most likely lack of concentration, I may be able to figure out how to remember everything. How do you guys do it? What are your approaches? Thanks in advance! :)

Take care,


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this works for me

take ginko biloba supplements
read past papers if possible to get an idea of types of question
work out what areas you need to know inside out, with a couple extra for backup
take one area and read it through a few times
summarise all the imp bits on paper
summarise again
try learning this short version off- if having difficulty remembering use Tony Buzan methods(he writes stuff on memory)-its mostly like associating a list of summarised points


visualise picking up an egg walking out of a cottage, a dog barking at a fox...

eating sweets every 20 mins or so while studying and during the exam also help concentration
best of luck
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