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Hi :)

i thought my DP was getting better over the last months, but i am not sure anymore... i feel stuck at some point. sometimes i feel as if i just THINK that the DP got better
and in reality i am still totally trapped. or maybe i am not realising that i have some other severe problem. (and sometimes i still think that this maybe
is some kind of enlightenment and this really scares me)

my symptoms at the moment:

- it feels as if every imagination becomes reality. for example: when i think something like "is it possible that i don't exist?" or
"what if this world is just in illusion/hallucination?", it literally feels as if these thoughts are true.

- i don't have panic attacks anymore and i don't feel soo anxious anymore, but i still can't relax and feel very tense.

- everything still feels as if it is not really real and because of that nothing really matters...

- i still ask myself the following questions:
"do i really exist?"
"does the world exist?"
"is this reality?"
"am "i" moving this body?"
"what is this "i"?"
"what is conciousness?"
"what if conciousness doesn't exist?"
"am i this body? or the observer of this body? and what if i am neither the one or the other?
"do i control my thoughts or do they just randomly pop up in my head?"
"am i controlling this body?"
"do i make any decisions or is everything just an automatic response without anyone doing anything?"

- i still constantly check my condition, i try to check if everything feels real or if i know who/what i am,
if i can find my "self" inside my body, i am looking for evidences that i truely exist ...

is it normal for DP that i doubt my own existence? or that i doubt that i am the one experiencing things? it feels totally crazy,
because it should be obvious that i exist and i am the one who experiences everything.
and when i start ruminating about this it gets really scary...

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Instead of freaking out about it, try to come up with your own idea and thoughts about what it is. I used to have the exact same problem with sorta the same thoughts. You think these thoughts that most people don't think about, and it's not a bad thing at all. I got out of this fear loop by trying to think through all these things logically. Thousands if not millions of other people have thought about the same things, and even deeper, and didn't let it ruin their life. Turn it into something you actively enjoy thinking about rather than you being scared of them.

2 things that are basically impossible to disprove though. Your own existence and conciousness existing. If you wanna talk about specific things just pm me i guess. Triggering others on here is no bueno
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