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Stuck in this state forever

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Hello everyone! So I got dr/dp last December and at first everything felt very foggy inside of my head, the world looked unreal and I was abnormally aware of my movements, I felt weird when I was moving my legs etc. Those were the initial symptoms which caused me to feel unreal (especially the foggy feeling in my head) and I was extremely aware of my voice when I spoke which made me anxious af. This symptom has gone away. (Thank god) it was one of the worst symptoms for me.

So now I'm stuck in this weird state where I feel tired, like time isn't passing and where I'm numb to everything. Being in this state truly feels like it's never gonna go away, like you're stuck and as if you're repeating the same day over and over again. Is anyone else stuck in this state without any anxiety except social anxiety from time to time?
One thing I noticed is that I feel more alive when I drink coffee but it spikes my anxiety levels every time. So it's either feeling numb and kind of anxious or extremely anxious (heart racing, shaky feeling) but kind of alive. -.-
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