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Struggling to get over existential thoughts?

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Since i had DP and discovered Solipsism and free will issues life hasn't felt the same. Life doesn't seem genuine and I worry my thoughts are controlled or life is pre planned? I may never know so that feels awful nobody might ever have answers.

Has anybody got over these type of worries?
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Idk if thisll help but the way i disproved solipsism in my head was realizing, one: i can only remember things up to a point. Some other force had to have brought me into this world (aka my parents). If you were the only thing to exist, you should be able to remember making yourself into a human and coming up with this "fantasy" world but you dont because thats just simply not the case. Two: the whole world is just too complex and unpredictable for it to all be projected from one mind. Solipsism can be pretty convincing at first, trust me, i get it but its just a spooky delusion. :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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