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Struggling to get over existential thoughts?

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Since i had DP and discovered Solipsism and free will issues life hasn't felt the same. Life doesn't seem genuine and I worry my thoughts are controlled or life is pre planned? I may never know so that feels awful nobody might ever have answers.

Has anybody got over these type of worries?
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Yes the problem is all these thoughts of existence give me a headache and I feel stressed and anxious I'm on holiday but feel like that due to the thoughts?

I mean logically it doesn't make sense if life is just a VR experience and have no control? Problem is having these thoughts make it seem a real possibility that life is some how controlled. When I don't think about this I feel normal then when I go down this hole I feel awful and nothing feels or seems real?

I go through spells where it goes away but comes back?
Yes but I have thoughts of being controlled had it for months now and Solipsism thinking nobody is real and also free will issues and questions why I exist I believe it’s related to the DP.
If you really do have thoughts of your mind being controlled, you might be better off with some professional help. It's hard for me to recommend that knowing MH professionals are not created equal, so try and find a smart or at least compassionate one if you do go looking. Most of the diagnoses are just labels, and where a symptom is 'coming from' isn't the most important aspect. The most important thing is feeling supported by and connected to those around you, and doing healthy things with your mind and body. I can't prove to you that I'm not a matrix program or whatever, but I'm not.
I had a long discussion on here before about being controlled and someone came to the conclusion it's my ocd at play. I did mention it to a therapist.

It may seem bad feeling I am controlled but it ties in with the Solipsism and free will. If I have no free will I could be controlled by a computer and so on. All these themes tie in together
I already take Rispéridone for a bipolar episode I had in 2016 but it was a long time ago and they have reduced this medication so I doubt it’s any major mental health issue at play I believe it’s in my ocd theme
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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