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Struggling to get over existential thoughts?

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Since i had DP and discovered Solipsism and free will issues life hasn't felt the same. Life doesn't seem genuine and I worry my thoughts are controlled or life is pre planned? I may never know so that feels awful nobody might ever have answers.

Has anybody got over these type of worries?
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Well, my two cents to this are that yes, I would say that you have no free will, but it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with being controlled by a computer. You're controlled by the deterministic laws of nature, cause and effect. And by the way, it doesn't matter because you feel like you have free will. May as well live like you had it. That's all we can do anyway, though we should acknowledge that we don't have it because it affects our notions of morality. You're also right that fundamentally life is "pre-planned" if determinism (at least partially stochastic determinism) is true, and I'd say that it is. But it's not planned by any intelligent being. It's just the laws of nature interacting with matter, and these laws result in fixed outcomes. "Planned" isn't even a good word to use because planning implies deliberate, intelligent planning, which this has nothing to do with.

But believing that you're being controlled by a computer is just a delusion. It isn't a conviction based on reason; it's one based on an unhealthy obsession that is a mental health issue. I'm not saying you should be faulted for having that, of course. It's not exactly up to you. I'm just saying what it is. You could try to reason yourself out of it, but I'm not sure how possible it is to do so. Depends on just how strong those delusions are, I guess. Anyway, there's no reason whatsoever to believe that you're being controlled by a computer.

Everyone's thoughts are controlled by something other than them, "them" being the consciousness that they feel they are. That something is the unconscious processes of the brain. If I now analyze my thought process, I can clearly notice that it's just a perpetual stream of thoughts, moving from one thought to the next. I'm not controlling this flow. It just happens; it goes where it pleases. Am I anxious about this? No. This is how the brain works. It's normal. It's not a computer controlling this stream of thoughts; it's the brain itself, of which I, as consciousness, am but a small part.
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I already take Rispéridone for a bipolar episode I had in 2016 but it was a long time ago and they have reduced this medication so I doubt it's any major mental health issue at play I believe it's in my ocd theme
Well, clearly there's some sort of mental health issue here because it's not normal to be obsessed about ideas of having one's thoughts being controlled by a computer.
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