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Hi guys

I've finally decided to join this site and express my feelings and hopefully get some feedback and get to know you guys!
It all started for me 2 months ago, after a heavy night of drinking and smoking weed I woke up to this bizarre feeling. I thought it must be a hangover and it will pass after a good night sleep. Unfortunately it did no such thing and I'm still stuck with it. At first I constantly questioned if things were real, my vision was off and i was scared. in the week following this party i had a number of panic attacks some were awful and felt like my thoughts were unorganized for a little while. Luckily i have not had one for a while. I don't really question reality very much recently but i still have this ridiculous feeling and seem to have constant headaches and feel very tired and unmotivated. I have always suffered with OCD so my anxiety is very bad. I've always had rather mild depression also but recently it has been very bad and seems to be up and down. I have tried so much to lift my spirits from socializing to trying to learn the guitar. Every day is a constant battle. Listening to Bob Marley does provide me with a bit of relief I think music can get you through anything so use it to help. I am so determined to beat this and be happy again but at the moment it feels like its going to be a long journey but a journey which I am sure will make me stronger in the long run! The only guarantee is that its not permanent so that should be enough for motivation! I hope to hear from you guys and I will update this regularly.

Be strong.
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