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Strong physical foggyness - can DPDR cause this?

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Can DPDR cause extreme foggyness that really feels like a totally physical sensation? It's really hard to describe but I feel 'groggy' all the time. I feel it mostly around my eyes it's almost as if they're dry or something. I also have really bad brain fog and general fatigue. In the past I've also have other more typical DPDR symptoms (been suffering from this for 5+ years), but these days the physical sensation is by far the worst. It doesn't seem to correspond with me obsessing around thoughts or anything..

Thanks for reading I appreciate any replies
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Yep, I have this all the time too. Probably the most direct and noticeable symptom I have. Is it a part of DPDR? Who knows, really. DPDR is kind of an umbrella term, it seems. Like anxiety and depression, a comprehensive list of “symptoms” of DP would probably include just about any weird feeling you could imagine. But if this one issue went away I would probably be able to lead a halfway normal life. If you are asking for advice on how to ameliorate it, well, I would love to hear what others might have to say, cause I’m fresh out of ideas.
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