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i'm in the middle of a particularly stressful situation at work. it's between myself and a senior colleague and i was very upset on friday after work. there has been a meeting arranged on wed evening to try and resolve the issue and i have contacted my union.
the problem is that it's just been going round and round in my head all weekend, i even wake up thinking about it. my anxiety levels are higher than they've been since i started the ad at the end of last summer. depression is starting to kick in a bit too. i've been feeling dp/dr more than i have in months.
i just feel i need to stop this cycle but am unsure how to go about it. i would really appreciate any advice. :(
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thanks for the advice

i've come up with a couple of work based projects/distractions which give me something else to focus on in work. also a hot whiskey helps with a good nights sleep. :? don't have a good history with alcohol so better not make a habit of it.
i just panic when i think work stress (and how i handle it) might be sending me back into higher levels of dp. i just can't go back there
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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