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Hi guys, wondering if anyone else has endured this. I just started a pretty vigorous personal training regimen and have had two sessions - one on monday and one one wednesday. The night after BOTH workouts I couldn't sleep AT ALL. My sleep has been trending toward improvement before this, with last week being pretty dang good.

I work out from 5 to 6 to pretty intense exhaustion. Then I come home and meditate and just try to relax, read uplifting books, make a gratitude journal, think happy thoughts, etc. Normally this puts me into a pretty good state. But the exercise I think triggers my sympathetic nervous system and tells my mind there is great danger. So every time I'm about to fall asleep, I'm jerked awake by a rush of adrenaline to keep my up, as if my body is like HEY there's something wrong, you need to be awake.

Anyone else gone through this? I thought I was in a good enough place to really focus on my body and improve. This is making me kind of upset, as it feels like just another hurdle.


We often tend to think that after vigorous exercise - especially to the point of exhaustion - we will fall fast asleep, but on a medical programme I saw it said this wasn't the case. In fact exercise before bedtime activates the system, making us alert and energized and keeping us up. It can take hours for our systems to settle down. However, I would have thought that yours would have settled down by bedtime if you are working out at 5-6.

It could just be that it is a new routine and with the physical demands - and your body's need to recover - you just need to get used to it. Waking up suddenly might be because you are more energized and aware, and that might bring an existing anxiety into focus. There is also an odd reflex humans have where we wake up suddenly sometimes, fearing we are falling. No-one quite understands why it happens, but some suggest it might be a primitive part of our brain telling us to grab a branch, from a time when we lived in trees! Lol, either, way, it's best to pay it as little heed as possible, distract yourself if need be, and just go back to sleep. You've only had two sessions so I'd give yourself some time to adjust.
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