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stream of conciousness

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I sometimes experience a kind of random "stream of conciousness" type thinking where my brain tends to just make random connections either with words or sometimes a sound or song will pop into my head. I suppose I could just call this unorganized thinking or some type of ADD-like symptom as well. Does anyone experience this? When it happens it tends to heighten my DP. Makes me feel as if there is no organized self thinking these thoughts because the thoughts themselves are disorganized.
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What I get at times, is I'll be working and I'll get a song stuck in my head, and I'll make a connection with the song to the place i'm at.
Next time I hear that song i feel as if i'm back in that place again.
Maybe it's not the same cause i thought i was the only who did this :)
Like I'll think of an idea for a party, and imagine everyone using it for thier partys and if they like it or not, it gets soooo annoying, it happens like automaticaly, i wish i could figure out the way to just imagine the party, with out the hosts and guests. Just like i cant imagine a girl in a dress with out a hole, or a stain on it or something. Someone said that means i'm a perfectionist. Not sure about that, but I know it has to do with ocd. I used to do that when i was in school, like when i did my homework i was imagining the teacher being silly. I hate those thoughts cause it sounds so dorky ;) I guess it's just called overthinking?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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