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Strange Question

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Ok So I posted here a couple of weeks ago saying how much better I was doing. Well I think it has been a month since I found this site. And in my reading and evaluating my actions and trying to understand this better I believe I have "fixed" myself so to speak. I havent had one DR day since! I dont wanna toot my own horn or jinx myself though I am still going one day at a time. Though no DR I still have had my days where anxiety is taking control... not totally like before, but bad days I guess. The things is before I thought maybe I really truely was crazy... mostly cuz of my DR and the way it made me think. Well no DR and I still find myself wondering if I truely am nuts? Is that crazy? Am I crazy to think that? What is going on here?
I saw another post talking about fear of hurting someone even though they dont want to. I have that fear too. Like that I will hurt my kids or something... one day I will just snap... but I DONT want to. I just fear it for no reason. Someone suggested OCD. Well I'd say most of my daily life is not OCD. Alot of things I do would show that. But there are certain things that could make you think otherwise. So is my fear or thinking that maybe I am nuts... stilll possibly an OCD thing? Or have I just been thinking this way so much for the past year that I my mind set is as such? Like I need to recondition myself to think differently?? I dunno I am just confused. I always felt this way, or so I thought, cuz of my DR but now I do and I am not DR?? Well so far...
Anyone any thoughts?
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yeah i have been around to a few anxiety boards when I have been really stressed out, and I have noticed that this is common with people and anxiety.
Yeah i completely agree with what redcainefornova said. I do have obessive thoughts, ones that make it hard to get out of my head which in return adds to my anxiety. It is like a cycle.

I also feel that I am "doomed" to this, or I can not escape these feelings of dp/dr. But once I think positive, I feel so much better. Which leads me to believe that my anxiety could just be the underlying problem of my dp/dr. I too dont know if I truely have Dp/Dr, i am going to my shrink see what they say and get some work done in the hospital (I think will turn up negative for anything, i have this blasted luck of having good health :p ).

What do people mean by dreamy feeling? What I feel is that my mind is kinda foggy, like it can never clique any more, such as I cant concentrate, memory is poor. But these are also contributed to many other disorders. I am not sure where I fall but I never really feel 100% normal anymore.

I have also had feelings of questioning things like amazed by a simple invention such as like cars or computers. I think of how complex thigns are, to me I have always had them.

Oh lack of sleep can "snowball" I think. I think over time if you do not get proper sleep it can really affect you in the long run.
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lol I know what you mean I look at somethings and I am like Holy *#(@ that is the coolest!

I am glad you are going get an appointment, I know some people just put it off and off or just never go and they wonder why they do not make progress.

Yeah I am a huge hypo-condro! I thought I had HPPD, but I know now that I do not have it. Then I thought I had vertigo, my mind is so powerful on my physical being.

So this dreaming feeling, specifically is it like you feel spacy? like out of it? When i am thinking of this dreamy thing, I think of someone that is tired and just kinda spaced out. Is this it?
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