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Strange Question

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Ok So I posted here a couple of weeks ago saying how much better I was doing. Well I think it has been a month since I found this site. And in my reading and evaluating my actions and trying to understand this better I believe I have "fixed" myself so to speak. I havent had one DR day since! I dont wanna toot my own horn or jinx myself though I am still going one day at a time. Though no DR I still have had my days where anxiety is taking control... not totally like before, but bad days I guess. The things is before I thought maybe I really truely was crazy... mostly cuz of my DR and the way it made me think. Well no DR and I still find myself wondering if I truely am nuts? Is that crazy? Am I crazy to think that? What is going on here?
I saw another post talking about fear of hurting someone even though they dont want to. I have that fear too. Like that I will hurt my kids or something... one day I will just snap... but I DONT want to. I just fear it for no reason. Someone suggested OCD. Well I'd say most of my daily life is not OCD. Alot of things I do would show that. But there are certain things that could make you think otherwise. So is my fear or thinking that maybe I am nuts... stilll possibly an OCD thing? Or have I just been thinking this way so much for the past year that I my mind set is as such? Like I need to recondition myself to think differently?? I dunno I am just confused. I always felt this way, or so I thought, cuz of my DR but now I do and I am not DR?? Well so far...
Anyone any thoughts?
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Hi squish - nice avatar. Did you draw that?

Anyway - you are definitely not crazy. These thoughts seem to be just passing fears. It does not sound like you are capable of hurting anyone.

As long as these thoughts do not turn into urges, I wouldn't worry. I think that you are just worried that it COULD happen, not that it WILL happen.

I sometimes get thoughts about accidentally hurting someone (especially helpless people). For example, I hate holding a baby, because I always think "What if I drop it?". I WOULDN'T drop it, but the thought is there of what if I accidentally slip and the baby falls.
You could have some OCD tendencies, but I don't think it is drastic. I think it is more anxiety.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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