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Strange Question

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Ok So I posted here a couple of weeks ago saying how much better I was doing. Well I think it has been a month since I found this site. And in my reading and evaluating my actions and trying to understand this better I believe I have "fixed" myself so to speak. I havent had one DR day since! I dont wanna toot my own horn or jinx myself though I am still going one day at a time. Though no DR I still have had my days where anxiety is taking control... not totally like before, but bad days I guess. The things is before I thought maybe I really truely was crazy... mostly cuz of my DR and the way it made me think. Well no DR and I still find myself wondering if I truely am nuts? Is that crazy? Am I crazy to think that? What is going on here?
I saw another post talking about fear of hurting someone even though they dont want to. I have that fear too. Like that I will hurt my kids or something... one day I will just snap... but I DONT want to. I just fear it for no reason. Someone suggested OCD. Well I'd say most of my daily life is not OCD. Alot of things I do would show that. But there are certain things that could make you think otherwise. So is my fear or thinking that maybe I am nuts... stilll possibly an OCD thing? Or have I just been thinking this way so much for the past year that I my mind set is as such? Like I need to recondition myself to think differently?? I dunno I am just confused. I always felt this way, or so I thought, cuz of my DR but now I do and I am not DR?? Well so far...
Anyone any thoughts?
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im female/17, have obessions with certain thoughts. its either obsessivly thinking about reality and am i really here? am i dreaming? when i look at my hands or legs out of the corner of my eye or directly look at them sometimes i will start to panic alittle bit because i dont feel like they are mine or its fearing that i will harm/kill people i love. I am really worried and i dont want to tell anyone because i also am soo scared that they will hear what i am going through and put me in some sort of institution..ahh i hate this.

also i agree in thinking that a big part is anxiety. i was at this college thing this week and we took this test and it shows that i have really high anxiety.

im still not convinced i have dp/dr, though it certainly feels that way, i think alot of it has to do with anxiety and lack of sleep. But i really am sick of constantly feeling like im always dreaming, and hating how sunlight and any lights are sensitive to my eyes. im only 17 and i dont want to go through feeling like this for the rest of my life, i want to enjoy life but i just cant...

anyone know any symptoms of what lack of sleep over time will do?
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hey well the dreamy feeling is basically what it feels like when your dreaming you know? its that same feeling. You cant really destinguish if your dreaming or not...

hahaha i am also amazed by simple my friends ill be like "wow cameras are so cool, its so weird how they work" and theyll be like "your such a loser" hahaha

when ever there is somthign wrong with you or you just dont feel right, dont ever try to diagnose yourself online because people will say things that most of the time will be wrong and you will get yourself worked up and panicked thinking you have something alot worse than you do. the best thing is to go to your doctor. sometimes something wrong is as simple as needing to eat the right foods and or to take vitamins.

i also was supose to see a shrink to see whats wrong with me, i gotta remind my mom to make an appointment..haha she was amazed when i told her i wanted her to make an appointment for me
wow yeah thats a good way of putting it, i deffintly agree with you. Im so scared when i go to the shink she will put me on meds but i am kind of against meds not really though i just dont want to take them because i hate the thought of putting somthing that i dont konw in my body..and like i dont know how its going to effect me in years to come.

I have adhd and they put me on concerta for 2 months, it made me feel so depressed and i had bad thoughts of suicide and i was crying alot and i got into a fight ahahah so i was just like f this and i stopped. then they tried to put me on strattera and like a day after of taking it i just stopped taking them.

im gona start excersising and maybe do some yoga so thatll probly help alot with my anxiety.
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