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stopped bupropion and dp seems to get worse

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the title sums it up, two weeks ago i stopped bp and now i have dp several times a day, befor i had maybe once a week... other thing has changed : i am eating 1000-2000 kcal less per day, coz i wann loose weight

so either it is the diet or the stopping of bp...

no other changes happened

other meds i am on: duloxetine 40mg, propranolol 200mg, lamotrigine 300mg, ambien 20-30mg, and some 100-200 ml whisky /day (when i have panic attack)

i stopped bp coz i had bad teeth night grinding and clenching with it and it was destroying my teeth that much that they were extracted and now i have to get implants for two front teeth
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ps: the rest of the meds seem to help, soon i might get some adhd meds... if things go well, it seems bp helps, so ritalin with shorter halflife could help too
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