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Do you know why it's so difficult to get rid of DP? Because you keep thinking about it!

DP is maintained from a stressed out brain. Think of it as a computer, if you run it long enough it will overheat and won't work. This is the same for your brain. We think and think and try to think our way out, but get nothing in return but more DP. Give it a rest already. Give yourself one day to be okay with DP and don't try to get rid of it. Try this, then try to do it for a couple of days. These little bits of rest is healing your brain and cooling it down from the overload of information you keep feeding it.

It's going to take some practice, you might not be successful the first day or the second, or third. Keep trying. This is how you begin the recovery process.

DP is like your brain in overdrive. It's trying to protect you from all the scary things in the world and sort of shuts off all the things that a normal brain feels, like emotion, or memories. It's trying to protect you and you keep rejecting it. It's focusing all of its energy to heal itself but you won't let it. It's like when you scrape your knee, but you keep picking the scab so it never heals. Just let the brain do is job and don't second guess it. Just let it be.

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