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STOLEN From Another DP Board!!

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HI I stole thisfrom another DP board because I Agree 100% and wanted to share it with Yall!!

In a nutshell, I have come to the conclusion that DP is simply fear of existence.

See, 80 percent of the world are what I like to call "programmed" they walk around doing everything they have been taught and told in their lives since kindergarden, nothing more or less.

People with DP seem to be the other 20%, the one's that always dream up new inventions, new things to do, very artistic, etc.

To me, people with DP at some point in their life realize that nothing matters and we are all going to die one day, possibly tomorrow, and it freaks them out to the the opoint that then they start questioning the real things in life that the other 80% of the world take for granted everyday like the Sun, the moon, The fact that the universe never ends, wether their is really a god or not, etc.

I personally get freaked out when I look at my body and thik I can't believe that I am a walking sac of tissue and bones with a "Soul" that cannot be seen, and despite the millions of people on this planet, no 2 are alike, etc. Then i start thinking about , why am I even here if all I am gonna do is die one day, then I think why am I married? Why did I choose to settle down with 1 person for the rest of my life, love right? what is love? Why do we say "I love you forever" Instead why do we not just be realistic and say I love you until one of us dies. Hmm.

The reason why I rambled on above is to show you about 1% of what goes through my freaking head all of the time and why sometimes I feel like I am going to lose it.

These are overwhelming thoughts and it is sad that we have to medicate or distract ourselves from thinking these thoughts, so we can be like everyone else.

If you have DP, just consider yourself lucky that you know what life is really about unlike the morons that you see everyday. We are in reality. The guy who came up with the name probably never had DP in his life! We are not in the dream world, he is.

Anyway, I hope that helps. I have been battling with this since last year after being drugged in my beer and smoking a little weed the same night and not knowing what happened. I still have flashbacks, PTSD, Etc. I thought I was going to die for 10 days , then finally found out what had happened and felt violated.

Its almost like one day, you are finally caught with your gaurd down and you get DP. Your senses go numb and you don't feel pain or sadness anymore, just anger and fear.

We are simply isolated emotionally by the people around us that do not understand this disorder and it makes us even more afraid. If everone had it, no one would care. I also think the world would be a safer and better place.

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I agree with the statement that JC quoted and much of the talk about emotional isolation, but I didn't like the rest.

There seems to be a temptation for people with DP to assume that somehow we see more of the truth than other people, that we're somehow "better" or at very least "different" insofar as we question things that other people don't.

I think this is a misleading, and also a simply misguided, view of things. It's misleading because it implies that only 20% of people think "deeply", and that there's some correlation between the people who do so and those who develop DP; I'm not sure that's true. It's also misguided because it implies that there's something wrong with not questioning all these things; in many ways, we're the idiots for obsessively questioning what seems obvious to others: what ultimate gain is there in doing so?
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I'm not disputing that you're a deep person. I just don't agree with what you say about other people being "sheep".

If you met me, or saw me briefly, you might not think I was a "sheep", but you certainly wouldn't see me as a particularly "deep" person (you'd think the opposite). The outward image I give is very different to the "me" that you'd see if you got to know me.

And in my experience the same is true with a lot of people. I can't speak for you, or anyone else, because I don't know your friends. But I for one have met plenty or people, perhaps most of my good friends actually, who at first appear simple, even "sheeps" to an extent, but who when you get to know very well are far more complicated and far less simple-minded than you would have thought.

All I'm saying is, don't assume that outward appearances account for what people are "really thinking". And don't assume that in some way being able to abstract yourself and think about reality in the way that you do makes you more "enlightened".

Beyond that, all is good.
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