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I have been getting better each day and connecting more and more with my identity. Today is the first day with no nerves/anxiety or clammy hands, but somehow something isn't quite right, I still seem to be "stuck in my head" and focussing in on me and who I am etc etc. I am a bit confused actually, I am sleeping and eating, but I know surely there is a "me" that isn't bothered about who I am and doesn't focus inwards. This is quite unpleasant, because as well as starting to feel more normal, I seem to be focussing inwards and it is really hard to stop. I just hope that as the day goes on and tomorrow comes that I will connect more and stop focussing inwards.

Can anyone that isn't DP'd at the moment relate to this, i.e when they were coming out of DP, did you experience this?

Please help, it is driving me nuts.

:shock: :?
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