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Stellate Ganglion Block - Can’t feel my body

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I have searched high and low on here and everywhere only two find 2 very vague encounters of people who had similar things happen to them. I had slight DP/DR from benzo withdrawal. I think it would be gone by now but I received a stellate ganglion block which was a huge mistake. I couldn’t walk or hold up any of my limbs. I can’t feel my body at all and I have completely lost the ability to know what my relationship to my mother is. I have no clue if this will ever go away. I had no history of DP and I had never depersonalize even with anxiety. It’s quite horrible. I want to put this out there so people know. I’ve lost literally everything. I can’t function and my nervous system is completely messed up. I’m heartbroken and I have no clue if this will ever mend.
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Can anyone recommend help? I spoke to Shaun O’Connor but because this was brought on by a functional change to my nerve signals in my amygdala, I have no clue how to reverse it. I know about neuroplasticity but how am I supposed to help myself if I literally can’t feel anything physically or emotionally.
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