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statistic. (trigger)

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Is it just me or am I the only one that finds the statistic that 1 out of 100 developes schizophrenia? I think that's actually quite a lot! It scares me a lot, maybe I am one if them...
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There are different statistics, and even though we all here experience depersonalization as a symptom, it doesn't mean we experience the same disorder. I would not rely on a statistic for diagnosis or prognosis, only a professional can tell you what is going on with you.
@whataraindyday, you post also prompted me to think about how we see mental health issues among us here. I know that schizophrenia is often a very stigmatized mental illness, and it is probably not fun for someone with schizophrenia to read about our fears that we may have it...Also, why would someone with depersonalization and derealization disorder think that it's worse than DPDR, if they never experienced it? I would say that depersonalization and derealization disorder is already a difficult and serious condition in itself, and I wish more people would understand how disruptive it is to a person's life...

My point is: whatever it is that you are dealing with, find out first what you are dealing with exactly, because only then you can plan your recovery. Don't let fears consume you. Let go of statistics.

Take care!

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