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State of confusion

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I've been suffering from dpdr for 3 years now, and most of this time my symptoms were pretty straightforward. Feeling distant from people, world looked weird, cognitive difficulties, emotional numbness etc...

Lately though I'm in a confused state that borders delirium. I cannot explain what it feels like, it's just pure confusion. The only words describing it accurately is "i don't know'. Even my mood isn't bad, it's just confusion and alienation. All day I'm either semi-conscious being bombarded by random, useless thoughts, or in a state of trance. I don't care about anyone or anything, no emotions, worries, thoughts, nothing. Like my brain has been turned off. It's very unsettling, and definitely the worst feeling i've ever had. The only conclusion I can get at is that there is serious neurological damage somewhere. Has anyone else experienced this?
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