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Im starting one on one therapy tomorrow and after the threads about questioning your therapist's methods/backgrounds BEFORE you start treatment, I got a bit worried. I know a lot of you guys have had poor experiences with therapy in the past, but I am very hopeful. And yes, I know that a counselor cant simply FIX my dp, but I have other issues that need to be "therapeuticized."
I do have some questions if you guys want to throw in some advice...

- What is a simple and easy-to-digest way to describe dp/dr?
I still have trouble describing the way it feels to people...rather, I feel
I never get the severity of the symptoms across.

- If she seems to have NO clue as to how I "feel" dp-wise, do wecontinue?
As an uninsured American, I don't really have the luxury of "shopping"
for a therapist. But I obviously dont want to waste time/money if
twice a week we will be grasping at straws.

- Will someone who is ALMOST locked in the dp-dr spin thought cycle be
able to accurately describe whats going on so the counselor has a
whole view of what can be worked through and what can't?
In othe words, Im a little scared that Im too f-ed up mentally right now
to be able to explain it all. Legit concern?

Thanks for listening and any responses are appreciated...


?What worries you masters you.? -Buddha

If the therapist is any good at all, she would be able to get a good understanding of you, and likely sources of symtpms, from JUST that post you made above. I'm serious. You THINK you're not going to present yourself accurately, but truth is, we can't help but do so.

You told any therapist (from that post) that you are highly anxious, and yet worry that no one really believes how terrified you can feel. You told her you feel lost and alone and no one even realizes you ARE alone. And you told her you obsess as a defense against feeling helpless. You try to organize the principles involved and understand them intellectually first, rather than allowing yourself to experience something and assess it as you go. You also told her you are afraid it will be YOUR fault if you don't ask the right questions or give the right answers, that you take everything on yourself and that even if the you're the patient, you feel ultimately the buck stops with you and it's up to you to help the parent be a good parent to you.

You also told her that she will never understand you. You told her that you desperately want to believe she "gets" you, but that you will doubtfullly never believe it. You told her you are hoping for a miracle in her and simultaneously, hoping she doesn't destroy you.

Just talk. She'll hear ya, friend.


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thanks for your thoughts, although it is really frightening how DEAD ON you are. All that from just the post? I dont have words for Ill just say thanks again. I will just go in and talk. simple.


ps-consider a career as a psychic, you could fool the majority.
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